Privacy & Policy


Here is the Privacy policy for our visitor, clients and please note that our visitors and clients privacy is our top priority. Here you will find the information about how we collect, record, use user data and how we use it. If you need more information that may not be covered in this document, don't hesitate to contact us. This Privacy policy will be effective on the online activities done by us and valid for the visitor of our website who may have shared their data for Themebuild. This policy will not be effective on any offline activities or any other media or any other link or channel other than this website.


Themebuild is a group of developers working with WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify, Presta CMS development on both frontend to backend for a long term. Thousands of satisfied clients' feedback around the globe helps us to improve our service day by day. Beside, our skilled and experienced developers holds strong position on marketplaces too, you would be happy to know that our developers achieved the ‘Elite seller’ position on , For any query about us please leave us Email on


Clients receive the latest version of products while they purchase or download them from our websites. Product updates will be free of charge. They will be notified through Email or our social links.


Via ticket system, clients will get free technical support which is applicable for Premium/Purchased products. Support will be provided without charge for any extensions defects that are not the buyer's fault and that were not readily apparent during testing and examination of the system requirements prior to purchase, even when the necessary diligence was taken. For a year following the date of purchase, or for as long as the annual subscription is renewed, support is offered for any product purchased from Themebuild. Bug fixes, basic usage queries, and support are all included in support. Issues resulting from packaged theme features are also corrected. Our FREE modules are not supported by us. Themebuild does not offer support for HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop itself (default modules of Hubspot, Shopify, WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop) or does not provide support for any third-party extensions you might choose to use with your purchased Themebuild products or modules, troubleshooting issues occurring in versions of Internet Explorer older than version 8, or any customized one. We are unable to offer support if there are questionable items or subjects on the client's side. A few examples of this type of content are pornography, prostitution, racist material, potential scams, etc. The privacy policy may change in the future, so please be aware of that. If there are any updates, we'll let you know here or, if they're significant, we'll show you a notification.